Bring positive energy to notoriously bland COVID-19 winter


Cameron Krasucki

A University COVID-19 testing site worker hands a student a vial at the State Farm Center testing site on Oct. 9.

By Noah Davis, Staff Writer

Yes, we have all internalized the fact that this holiday season will not be ideal. Fortunately, there are unique opportunities this winter break to make it less unbearable than it would be otherwise. Many people on campus have tested positive and recovered at some point throughout this semester. If you happen to be among the group of people to who this applies, you may have improved immunity for a while, but you should still conduct yourself with caution as reinfection is possible in some cases.

While I am sure quitting nicotine is on many New Year’s resolution lists this year, going through withdrawal while studying for finals is not ideal. Instead, this winter break will likely be your best shot at ending the cycle for good. Disposable vapes for the most dedicated clout chasers cost an unsettling amount if you calculate your usage over the course of a year. The lack of temptation in your living environment with the possibility of fiending for a hit while out with friends offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to stop vaping before being surrounded by it 24/7 upon returning to campus. 

It’s getting darker earlier now as the weather changes. Daylight savings has hit differently than in years past since it is not as if we were spending much time outside to begin with. I happen to have the luxury of spending this time in the amazing weather southern California offers, but that is not the case in Illinois. If the cold and snow impede you from going out on a therapeutic walk to avoid more severe seasonal depression, try UV-therapy lamps. These can go a long way to prevent vitamin D deficiency and are popular among Alaskans who encounter months of darkness at a time each year. This will also come in handy by keeping you in the best mood leading up to finals. 

Additionally, we are all going to be spending more time looking for something good to watch this break. Considering a lot of us have gone through our whole watch lists already, winter break is a great time to reconfigure your streaming subscriptions in order to maximize access to content at a lower cost. During Black Friday, Hulu had a limited-time deal of purchasing the ad-supported version at two dollars a month for 12 months. If you want to watch The Mandalorian at low costs, find a group of friends to Venmo you for account info to use before you cancel your Disney+ subscription after the last episode of this season premieres. Find the best or most cost-effective way to get NFL Redzone as no one wants to spend a Sunday afternoon watching more commercials instead of watching the Bears perform lousily over the next few months. 

Noah is a senior in Business. 

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