Have fun while staying safe: ideas for a socially-distanced holiday


Photo Courtesy of IMDB

Macaulay Culkin stars in “Home Alone.” The film is a Christmas classic that would work well in a family movie marathon.

By Allison Connelly, Staff Writer

The holiday season is a time where you come together with your loved ones, but with the events of 2020, it is no surprise that we’re all feeling a little different this season. Big family gatherings are a thing of the past (well, 2019), so it looks like we will be sharing this holiday season with the same people we have been seeing for the past nine months. With the following pointers, there are still plenty of ways we can make this season special and exciting. 

Have a holiday movie marathon with your family or close circle of friends. 

There are millions of holiday movies out there, so make some hot chocolate and find a few movies that you and your family (or friends) will enjoy this holiday season. Whether you choose the Home Alone series or the classic A Christmas Story, you will be able to escape the worldly chaos for a few hours. 

Decorate your house or apartment with holiday decorations.

Since this holiday season is way different than any others we have seen, decorations are more important than ever before. Garlands and lights can bring normalcy into your home for a few weeks, so it’s best to start early to begin feeling the holiday cheer. 

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Have board game tournaments with others.

An exciting way to spend time with your loved ones is to make a bracket and have a game night. There are also hundreds of online games that you can play over Zoom with friends outside of your isolation circle this holiday season. Pro tip: play for money (even quarters), and you may even make some cash in the process. 

Organize a socially-distanced Secret Santa.

A way to connect with friends and family that you may not see on a regular basis is to organize a Secret Santa. While we may not be able to exchange gifts in person, this is where online shopping comes into play. You can find an online Secret Santa website to input your and your friends’ names, collect everyone’s addresses, and send them a special something in the mail. 

Drive around with others looking at holiday light shows, or find a light event on Facebook. 

One of the final tips of mine (and most bank account friendly) is to drive around your neighborhood and look at everyone’s holiday lights. There are even events you can find through Facebook hosted by local zoos and parks, and some of these you don’t even have to leave your car for — it’s a win-win!

So while yes, this holiday season can feel strange and isolating, there are still a multitude of ways to connect with friends and family members during these times. 

Allison is a senior in LAS.

[email protected]