Places to find spirit wear on campus


Students, parents and alumni can get their gameday gear at one of these places for Homecoming.

By Melissa Neimeic, Contributing Writer

With Homecoming comes more orange  clothing than a spill in a Sunkist factory. Hats, shirts, overalls — whatever you can do to express that Illini spirit. You’re giving shirts to your grandma, your mom, your dad, that guy who isn’t your grandpa but still wants an Illini grandpa hat.

Whether you are someone who cringes at the thought of school spirit, or the one who bathes in it, no Homecoming experience is complete without at least one piece of bright orange spirit wear. Here are a couple places to find just that.

Illini Union Bookstore

It’s the place your parents bought you that first orange shirt after you toured, and it’s the place they made you buy them Illini Parent mugs. It’s the tried, the true, the familiar.

You went there your freshman year for books (because that’s back when you actually bought books for classes) and probably walked out with a thousand little impulse buys you snatched up in that huge line, waiting to check out.

Even though, in my experience, the bookstore is the place with the most complaints about prices, it tends to be on the lower end of the spectrum for this list. Normal t-shirts run from $10 to $20, sweatshirts from $30 to $60, pants from $20 to $40 and hats from $20 to $30.

Gameday Spirit

Boasting the title “the official fanstore of the Fighting Illini,” Gameday certainly has some confidence.

Like the Illini Union Bookstore, Gameday offers a variety of spirit items from shirts to hats to golf bags. It also has a few quirkier items, including Illini overalls and bobbleheads.

When you walk into one of the store’s locations, the walls scream orange. A little pricier than the Illini Union bookstore, t-shirts are $20 to $30, sweatshirts are $30 to 70, pants are $40 to $50 and hats are $10 to $30.

Te Shurt

As the name suggests, Te Shurt does not sell all the knick knacks that students either hate or love. They sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, and quarter zips.

What sets this little shop apart from the others is the fact that you can order custom shirts. This makes it a hot spot for Greek life spirit wear, and the store’s website caters to the different organizations, making the process easy. (Non-custom) t-shirts are around $20, sweatshirts are $30 to $50 and hats are $20 to $25.

The Illini Shop

Formerly known as T.I.S. College Bookstore, the Illini Shop has locations in Marketplace Mall and on Sixth Street, south of Green.

The shop used to sell textbooks but re-branded in 2016 and now only carries apparel. T-shirts are $10 to $20, sweatshirts are $20 to $70, pants are $20 to $40 and hats are $20 to $30.

Melissa is a sophomore in LAS.

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