Exercise in comfort of your own space

By Ava Traverso, Staff Writer

One of the best ways to deal with stress during the busy midterm season is with a good workout. The problem with exercising during this time of the school year is it may seem almost impossible to make time to get to the gym.

But the days of having to lug your stuff to the ARC or CRCE in our current weather conditions are over because there are plenty of workouts which can be done in smaller spaces, such as in your dorm or apartment. With the right equipment, innovation and a little creativity, you can make those gains at home. 

Simplicity is key

Simple equipment such as free weights, a yoga mat or a resistance band can go a long way when it comes to home workouts. Small items like these don’t take up a ton of space and can be used in a variety of workouts, and they aren’t too expensive. For example, a yoga mat can be used for doing lunges, yoga poses or for stretches.

Use the internet as a guide

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The internet is home to a variety of workout ideas, routines and videos. To find what you are looking for, use key words like “small space” or “dorm” in front of the workout type to ensure you’ll find one that fits within your space. Consider using a guided workout video; these can make your workouts more efficient, with engaging and helpful instruction, so you aren’t just reading off a website.

Find a workout buddy

Having a workout buddy with you, especially one you are comfortable with, can help hold you extra accountable to hitting those fitness resolutions this year. If you start making it a routine between the two of you, it should become a habit and a bonding experience in no time.

Increase your level of comfort

Going to the gym can be an intimidating experience for some people. Exercising is meant to be an uplifting and positive experience, and having a bunch of strangers around you can be uncomfortable. Working out in your personal space can be rewarding in more ways than one; it can save you time, money and embarrassment while you find your footing.

Schedule your grind time

Just like you write down your chemistry homework in your calendar, you should also be writing out your workout times. Seeing the activity scheduled can make you feel obligated to complete it, and in turn it may make you more likely to accomplish the plan you put forth.

Have fun with it

Hate running? Find some Zumba videos online instead. Don’t like using weight machines? There are plenty of exercises showing how to use home items for weighted work outs. If you pick a workout you actually enjoy doing, then you are more likely to follow through and form a habit of getting into shape.

Hopefully these tips have helped encourage you to start a new healthy habit and show you don’t need to go to the gym to get in shape.

Ava is a sophomore in ACES.

[email protected]