Make your house feel like a real home with these pointers

By Natalie Stanowski, Staff Writer

Moving into a new place is a simultaneously stressful yet exciting time. With a new location and new neighbors, it can take a while before you feel used to your new place. That being said, here are a few ways to make sure your place feels a little less alien and a little more like home.

Rearrange your furniture

Whether you have just moved into a pre-furnished place and want to leave your mark or you’ve been living there a while and you would like to freshen things up, rearranging the furniture can completely change a space. Push your bed to a different corner of your room or change the direction your sofa is facing. Try out a few different ideas until you find the combination which suits you best.

Add some greenery

If you live alone or if your apartment’s colors are on the dull side, add some color and life to your environment by investing in some houseplants. Keeping plants indoors has been found to reduce stress and boost people’s moods, not to mention the cleaner air they provide.

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Adding a few will definitely change your space for the better, and there’s no need to stress about whether your place is too dark (or too disorganized) to take care of a plant. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on your experience with caring for houseplants and the amount of light you get. If you’re interested and want some more tips on houseplant options and care, check out out our column, “Find out what houseplant fits your needs best.”

Put up photos and posters

What better way to make your place a bit more personal than to decorate the walls with your favorite photographs? Adding pictures of your friends and family will instantly make the place look more like home. You can choose to frame a few or opt for an open wall collage; there are plenty of creative DIY ideas if you search the internet.

Add additional lighting

Depending on the place you have, you may feel limited by a lack of natural or even artificial light in your home. By adding some additional lights of your own, you may find you can use spaces in ways you couldn’t before.

Adding a floor lamp or some string lights can brighten up an area far from the reach of the windows. If you already have overhead lights or a lamp which just isn’t quite enough, consider changing the lightbulb for a brighter one. Fixing any issues your place may have will make it a lot more welcoming, which leaves you with a place that truly feels like home.

Natalie is sophomore in LAS.

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