Create a home away from home, do it yourself


Ryan Ash

Sophomore Natalie Bizon adjusts the flowers in her apartment on Friday. Settling into your new housing is an important part of a new school year.

By Haley Bickelhaupt, Staff Writer

Moving to college can be a stressful experience.

Students begin this stressful time in their lives packing up all their belongings and moving away from the place they are most familiar with. This overwhelming adjustment then continues as each individual tries their best to become familiar with a new and foreign environment. Settling into a new apartment or dorm can be one of the toughest transitions when moving to college. Here are some tips to help make a new environment seem like home!

Give it your personal touch

One of the fastest ways in transforming a boring dorm room into a home is to give the room your own personal touch. Plan a night for you and your friends to head to Hobby Lobby and grab some canvases, paint and other decorations. Then sit back and create a beautiful masterpiece to display in your room! Not only will you be crafting fun decorations that will add to the atmosphere of your new home, but you will also be making fun memories with your best friends. Looking for decoration ideas? Pinterest is always a great way to become inspired and stay within the college student budget.

Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Walmart, oh my!

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Another important aspect of creating a friendly, comfortable atmosphere is to have the needed appliances and utensils for a successful semester. Instead of eating off of paper plates every night with plastic silverware, take the time to go out and buy dishes, utensils and any kitchen gadgets that you need. Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Walmart are all great stores to look for these items. Finding cute kitchenware on a budget can really make your new apartment or dorm feel more like the home you grew up in and allows for you to express yourself!

Stay organized

Organization is such an important part of creating a relaxing environment. Staying on top of organization from the moment you move into a new place is one of the best ways to continually stay organized throughout the semester. Although it is quite easy to neglect small chores like dishes and laundry, these things soon begin to pile up and can create stress. This is especially true regarding this semester, as many people are currently spending a greater amount of time in their living quarters.

Hang up pictures and notes

One of the best ways to feel adjusted to your new dorm or apartment is to place up reminders of your previous home. Whether it’s a picture of your friend group from high school, a sticky note your mom sent you or a snapshot of your dog or cat, these little reminders go a long way in providing a sense of familiarity to this new area. Pinning these memories up on your fridge, desk or beside your bed will surely brighten any bad and uncomfortable day!

Change of any kind is always an adjustment but change within the environment in which you rest and recharge is especially difficult. Take the time to make your new housing arrangement fun and comfortable. You’ll be thankful you spent the extra effort turning your living space into not just an area you reside in, but into your new home away from home.

Haley is a sophomore in ACES.

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