What in the world is going on with Bromley Hall?


Ryan Ash

A student sits outside of Bromley Hall on Saturday morning. Bromley Hall has remained on lockdown for the past few weeks, including its lounges and dining halls; recently, the number of students in Bromley infected has decreased, and some of its amenities have been reopened.

By Bella Keys, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has changed what life is like on campus. The bars are closed, the dorms are on lockdown and masks are everywhere. We are now living in a pandemic, a piece of history and campus life has suffered because of it. One dorm in particular, Bromley Hall, has recently seen several outbreaks. Bromley Hall is notorious for its social scene, as many of its residents are involved in Greek Life. So a lot of people have been wondering: what exactly is going on with Bromley Hall?

Recently at Bromley Hall, there have been serious changes and measures taken to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. For the past few weeks, the dorm has remained on lockdown with the dining hall and lounges closed. In order for students to get their food, they had to submit an order and have it delivered to their room. 

On the bright side, the number of those infected in Bromley has dropped. At last, Bromley has decided to reopen some of their amenities once again, such as the patio. Students are also now allowed to enter the dining hall and hang out in the lounges. On the other hand, the pool has not been opened and, by the looks of it will not be opening anytime soon. The elevators are limited to only two people per ride in order to reduce the risk of transmission. 

There are also quarantine dorms on the mezzanine floor. The mezzanine has printing and other basic amenities available for student use. The purpose of the mezzanine floor, or “the mezz,” is to have spare rooms for those who want to switch roommates.

With COVID-19, the floor solves some significant issues. The mezz allows students who have tested positive to have a place to stay while they wait out the 10 days of quarantine. Having these dorms is actually a good way to support the students that cannot go home during quarantine. Once students have quarantined for 10 days on the mezz, they are no longer considered contagious and are allowed to join the general public once again.

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Despite this, a student could still test positive even if they are no longer ill. For these people, they may get notes from a doctor saying they are allowed to be out and inside buildings. This means that the students of Bromley can finally be around their roommates and suite mates again. However, no one else is allowed inside a room other than those living in it. The students are forbidden from going into other rooms in order to minimize contact and reduce the risk of them getting infected.

Bella is junior in LAS. 

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