Throwback activities to do at your apartment

By Noah Davis, Staff Writer

Miss the good ole days? Here are a few throwback activities as well as more remnants of a lost time you can bring back home, making a lot of people want to slide up on your snap stories.

Remember when you and all your friends would spend hours upon hours playing Rock Band? There was always that one person who insisted on singing, but their voice was utterly tone-deaf. I yearn for those moments, as I plan on spending more time trying to pass the days playing “Through the Fire and Flames” on hard instead of the Spanish class I put off taking.

All of this came from when my mother basically forced me to rummage through our attic to clean out everything our family had ever owned throughout my life. I stumbled upon my old Wii gaming console, the one she took away as a punishment when I was a kid. She ended up forgetting where she hid it. Taking away a Wii for a week is one thing, but inadvertently stealing a gaming system bought with my hard-earned Hanukkah money is pretty traumatic in my book.

Rediscovering my love for something I frankly stopped thinking about once I got a Play Station 4 was unexpected, but now, finding accessories for other games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, is a lot cheaper than scouring Craigslist for a used one. I found that my console still has all the old avatars I made when I was in elementary school, which was a more mind-blowing experience than scrolling through your contacts and seeing all the people you met early in college but no longer keep in touch with. 

Another purchase worth making is those clear plastic cups they serve drinks in at The Red Lion or KAM’s. By purchasing these plastic cups, you can still get that same feeling of waiting in the line in the freezing cold, only to pay cover and $3 a drink and to sit at a table with the only people you talk to anyway. Change it up by opening up a nearby window to make it significantly colder in your apartment or living space. And on the bright side, you don’t have to risk getting COVID-19.

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Noah is a senior in Business.

[email protected]