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Cultivate your space with these easy houseplants

Jacob Slabosz
Planted, a plant store located in downtown Champaign at 16 East Washington Street, is a popular spot to buy house plants. It is easily accessible using the buses.

You’ve moved in, settled down and added your own decorative touches to your living space. Your new apartment or dorm room is equipped with posters, pictures and memorabilia from years past. 

However, something may be missing. You might want the space to look fresh and inviting. What you may need are houseplants to brighten your space.

Along with adding to the positive aura of the room, Piedmont Healthcare explained indoor plants can improve air quality, reduce stress and help individuals improve their mental or emotional health. 

However, there are plants that look amazing, but die quickly due to overbearing instructions of how to keep them healthy.

Here are five manageable houseplants to help revive the ambiance of your home.

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The snake plant

The Dracaena trifasciata, most commonly known as the snake plant, is one of the easiest houseplants to care for. They vary in sizes, but are recognized for their hardy, vertical leaves with distinct patterning. The plant is very tolerant of low or high amounts of lighting, making it easy to place anywhere, and requires minimal water. As long as you don’t water it in very high amounts or place it in freezing temperatures for extended periods, the snake plant will appear fresh and fancy. 

The spider plant

The Chlorophytum comosum, also known as a spider plant, is largely considered to be a highly adaptable houseplant, according to Gardening Know How. These plants grow ribbon-like green leaves with white stripes and can be a unique addition to your plant collection. Whether they are hung in a hanging pot or on your table, their clusters of leaves and white flowers can add a fun touch to the scenery. Despite its first impression, Real Simple clarified spider plants do not attract spiders. These plants do well with indirect light and can tolerate a certain amount of neglect if you forget to water them. Watered once a week, this plant will be sure to thrive and sprout new blooms. 


The pothos, or Epipremmum aureum, is a flowing ivy and could be a good beginner houseplant. Also known as Devil’s Ivy, it doesn’t do well in direct sunlight, according to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This could make pothos a great contender for a dorm or apartment plant if there are not large amounts of sunlight, although it can still survive in a range of environmental conditions. It only requires water when the soil surface feels dry and naturally prunes itself.

Monstera deliciosa

Known as the split-leaf philodendron, Swiss cheese plant and the Monstera deliciosa, this popular house plant stands apart from the others with its glossy, split leaves. The Monstera has a large range of sizes depending on the variety, but the deliciosa variety is a medium-sized plant that grows quickly. These plants thrive with bright and indirect lighting. Watering a Monstera once a week will be enough to see new growth as you continue to care for it. The Spruce said Monsteras can even get watered less frequently during the fall and winter seasons, which make it a manageable plant for students during their busy schedules. 

String of pearls 

The Senecio rowleyanus, also called string of pearls, is a creeping succulent vine with pea-sized, round leaves and clusters of white flowers. These plants are commonly put in hanging baskets and are a quirky piece of decor to add to your room. Home Depot stated these plants are fast-growing and easily propagated. String of pearls are very low-maintenance and are easily adaptable as they move from location to location. They only require minimal water and need to be kept out of direct sunlight, but otherwise could be a conversation starter for anyone who sees them.


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