Packing basics: What to bring to successfully adapt to college life


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Natalie Romanes, sophomore in LAS, pushes a cart of belongings into Wassaja Hall in August.

By Kylie Corral, Assistant Buzz Editor

Nobody likes to pack, and there’s a general sense of distaste for the task we leave for the night before we need to move. Moving is mostly planning and then wanting to stuff everything into a suitcase within a 10 minute period, but as you plan to move into your residence hall this fall, it’s good to plan ahead and stay organized, preparing for your first night away from home.

1. First things first: Make sure to have an i-card when leaving on moving day. An i-card is needed to get inside the building and check out your keys to get into your dorm.

2. Pack clothing for all four seasons because the weather in Illinois is unpredictable. Make sure to take coats, shoes, dress clothes and casual clothes.

3. Bring organizational supplies for your room and closet. Wall hooks and trunks can help with beginning to rearrange a dorm right.

4. The University will provide a mattress for the space but extra-long sheets along with blankets are essential to bring for a move-in trip.

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5. Have all toiletries organized and ready to go in a shower caddy to make the transition to this new living space easier. Bring towels, bathrobes and shower shoes too.

6. A laundry basket, laundry detergent and dryer sheets are next on the checklist.

7. Courses will commence shortly after move-in day, so make sure to have a backpack and plenty of notebooks for classes.

8. There are only so many outlets in a dorm so make sure to bring a power strip for everything you need to charge.

9. If you enjoy eating in your room, make sure to bring plates, cups, a microwave, a refrigerator, a tea maker and of course, dish soap and scrubbies to clean them as well.

10. The last things you’ll need to bring are documents such as your driver’s license, state ID, insurance cards, Passport, Social Security Card and insurance papers.

11. Finally, you should always be prepared with something to transport your belongings. Most dorms have carts available for rent, but IKEA bags are a great alternative.

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