Why are students looking forward to Quad Day?

Students share their thoughts on past and upcoming Quad Days.


Joshua Beckman

Joshua Beckman The Daily Illini

By Abby Paeth and Samantha Jones Toal

The University’s Quad Day is annual opportunity for both new and returning students to learn about clubs and activities on campus. The Daily Illini staff asked students on the Main Quad what they are excited about for Sunday’s event.

“I’m excited to see a lot of the students back, but as far as Quad Day goes, it’s fun to see what particular clubs might catch my interest.”
-Brian Gibbons, fifth year graduate student in Engineering.

“It’s cool to see how people go all-out to promote their organizations and recruit new people.”
-Marisa Allen, junior in LAS

“Watching Pitch Perfect, it was like a mini version of Quad Day so it was exciting to have the real life one.”                                                                                                                                                                   -Nessa Steinburg, sophomore in Engineering

“I’m excited to see the whole set up and see all the organizations and see what club I’ll be signing my life away to.”

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    -Fran Sagerian, freshman in LAS

    “On Quad Day, you see people sword fighting and in full-out costumes. It was overwhelming. Usually you can see the grass on the Quad, but then you can’t even see any of the green. It’s a sea of people … and you end up with a bajillion emails from clubs that you don’t even remember.”

    -Marlisa Wang, junior in business

    “I’ve heard there’s a bunch of clubs and there’s catering for food. So nice, that’s the best part.”

    -Josh Dunigan, freshman in LAS