Don’t skip Quadricep Day


Kenyon Edmond

Students walk along the Main Quad during Quad Day on Aug. 26. Quad Day can be quite a workout, from the long and crowded strolls up and down the Main Quad to ducking flyers and posters left and right.

By Kelly Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

I’m so glad you’ve decided to do the Quad Day exercise challenge! It’s so kind for the University to care so much about our quadriceps to have a whole day dedicated to it. Maybe next year we’ll get a tricep day, but we’ll have to count our lucky stars.

I hope you enjoy your Quad Day, and I have come up with an exercise routine to make sure you’re really working on those quadriceps.

10 laps around the Main Quad

During Quad Day, there will be what feels like millions of booths showcasing different campus clubs and activities you can join set up around and near the Main Quad. The University does this to distract us from the burning sensation of your quadriceps when they’re really working. Since there are so many booths set up, make sure you do about 10 laps around the Main Quad so you can see every group there is to join.

Five backwards jogs

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    Since you’re dedicated to your fitness regime, you’ll probably be speed walking to get the best workout for your quadriceps. Because of your speed walking, you might just speed walk past a booth you get a glance of and see a club you’re interested in joining. So, make sure to blast those quads with five backward jogs to see all the clubs and organizations the University has to offer.

    Water break

    The past two Quad Days I’ve participated in have been incredibly hot and sweaty ones, so make sure no matter how easy or hard your workout is you take a water break by either bringing your own or heading inside the Illini Union to get some water.

    20 side shuffles

    As Quad Day is for all University students, you’ll find the Main Quad incredibly packed. As you go to avoid running into people or avoiding that club which isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll find yourself doing about 20 side shuffles. If you’re feeling like you really want to feel the burn to avoid someone hitting you, try doing some side lunges.

    15 squats

    If you’re like me and on the shorter size, you won’t be able to peer over the crowds to find your friends. I suggest doing 15 squats. You’ll be able to identify your friends by their shoes and work your quads.

    I hope your Quad Day is a wonderful experience. I hope you find lots of clubs to join, but most importantly I hope you feel a little  sore the next day.

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