Big Ten presidents’ salaries ranked

By Samantha Boyle, Managing Editor for Reporting

No. 1, President Morton Schapiro: $1.59 million

Northwestern University

No. 2, President Jonathan Holloway: $1.20 million

Rutgers University

No. 3, President Walter E. Carter Jr.: $934,600

University of Nebraska

No. 4, President Mitch Daniels: $901,450

Purdue University

No. 5, President Kristina M. Johnson: $900,000

Ohio State University

No. 6, President Eric Barron: $855,228

Pennsylvania State University

No. 7, President Mark Schlissel: $852,346

University of Michigan

No. 8, President Timothy Killeen: $835,000

University of Illinois

No. 9, President Samuel Stanley: $800,000

Michigan State University

No. 10, President Bruce Harreld: $790,000

University of Iowa

No. 11, President Michael McRobbie: $639,846

Indiana University

No. 12, President Joan Gabel: $640,000

University of Minnesota

No. 13, President Tommy Thompson: $489,334

University of Wisconsin

No. 14, President Darryll Pines: current salary not available* 

University of Maryland

*Pines was hired as president in 2020 but as dean at the same school made $383,000