Top 10 earners of the University

By Zainab Qureshi, Longform Editor

No. 1, Lovie Smith: $4,00,8000

Head football coach

No. 2, Bradley Underwood: $3,408,000

Men’s head basketball coach

No. 3, Timothy Killeen: $835,000


No. 4, Joshua H. Whitman: $783,000

Director of athletics

No. 5, Rodney Smith: $750,000

Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for football

No. 6, Robert Barish: $721,344

Vice Chancellor of Health Affairs

No. 7, King Li: $686,500

Chief Academic Officer, Carle Illinois Medicine and professor

No. 8, Robert J. Jones: $675,219.60


No. 9, Cristoforo Giulianotti: $650,000

Physician Surgeon

No. 10, Eric Schwartz: $646,478.83

Professor in Anesthesiology; Head, Department of Anesthesiology


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