Underwater hockey among club sports

By Ryan Hall

The Women’s Underwater Hockey team placed first in the nation last year – but few people probably knew that.

The University is home to more than 700 registered student organizations, including a wide variety of sports clubs.

The Women’s Underwater Hockey team meets regularly during the school year, occasionally competing in tournaments across the United States and even Canada. Although the team consists only of women, practices are coed.

“(The men) make us better,” said Ashley Schneider, president of the club.

Quad Day brought out several new members for the sport. The club is not limited to college students. Being able to swim is the only requirement to join. There are more than 30 members, and Schneider said the club is gaining in popularity.

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    Illini Equestrians

    Unlike underwater hockey, the Illini Equestrian club has traditionally had a low membership and low profile on campus. Treasurer Pamela Domash said she thinks this year will be different.

    The club has around 100 members, but not all of them ride; only some participate in horse shows. The club is a part of the Intercollegiate Horseshow Association and competes from October through March. Anyone is welcome to join, but membership requires a few fees.

    Domash said participants must pay $20-30 to the IHSA in addition to $20 for club dues. Each event is an additional $18.

    Frolfing Illini

    The Frolfing Illini, on the other hand, is free for participants. The disc golf club is taking advantage of the growing surge in popularity.

    “It’s going really well,” said Alex Hothan, one of the club’s creators. The group enjoys playing at the local course because “everyone knows we’re the Frolfing Illini,” he said.

    The group has league tournaments every Sunday at Lohman Park in Urbana. When official tournaments come up, a team of 15 is selected through winners of the inner league play. The sport is played year-round, weather permitting, and is open to anyone interested.

    Falling Illini

    The Falling Illini is one of the more popular campus clubs. These skydivers travel to Vandalia, Ill., every weekend to engage in the activity.

    “It’s a fairly popular sport,” said Brad Schlesinger, the club’s president.

    He said 25 to 30 people recently made their first jump.

    The first-time fee of $130 did not deter the 600 people who signed the mailing list on Quad Day. Schlesinger said there are no competitions, since the goal is simply to have fun.

    For more information on University clubs, students can visit www.uiuc.edu/regorgs/index.html.