Question master

By BobLa Gesse

Iowa City – No. 1 Illinois has had all the answers this year. So maybe the Smilin’ Illini can answer some of the questions that came out of the 75-65 win at Iowa.

How many clutch threes has junior guard Dee Brown hit this year?

Were there really 38 fouls called?

Did senior center Nick Smith really hit a fade-away three?

How many Illini have stepped up to make a big play this year?

Does Smith really need to complain about playing time to the Chicago Sun-Times when he can enjoy an undefeated season and is ranked No. 1?

Will that three help make Smith feel more a part of the team?

Is Iowa junior center Erek Hanson the next Smith of the Big Ten?

Was Iowa really in the bonus with 12:15 to go in the second half?

Did junior guard Deron Williams and senior guard Luther Head have no assists at halftime?

Did Illinois have a negative assist-to-turnover ratio, get outrebounded and still have an eight-point halftime lead?

How many post moves has Illinois junior forward James Augustine added this year?

Has Augustine done enough to give Illinois a fourth player for First-Team All-Big Ten honors?

How many points did Iowa get off of offensive rebound tip-ins in the first half?

Was Saturday’s game the first time the Orange Krush was late to a basketball game when they showed up five minutes into the game?

How did the Krush forget to chant for Warren Carter when he came into the game?

Did the Bruce Pearl fiasco ruin the Krush’s elementary school experience?

And is that why there was so much tension between the two student sections Saturday?

How could the Krush do the dance to the William Tell Overture at the first television timeout of the second half with the Iowa band blasting out some Chicago?

How will the Krush get Iowa back after Illinois didn’t have any hot water in its hotel room?

Could Iowa have played better with Pierre Pierce?

Or did the Hawkeyes rally together against the No. 1 team after losing their star?

Does anyone in the Big Ten match up better against Illinois than Iowa?

Was Iowa sophomore guard Adam Haluska’s put-back slam dunk or Head throwing the ball backwards over his head to Williams who tapped the ball to Brown for a layup the best play of the game?

Does Illinois play better defense when it misses a few shots and knows it can’t win by scoring from anywhere on the court?

Does Williams or Brown ever miss when Illinois needs either to hit a basket?

Who is Illinois’ most valuable player?

And is it the same player as the Big Ten most valuable player?

Does Illinois realize it should be feeling some pressure since it is on the verge of an undefeated season?

Is there a better game than an intense, physical, close match up between two schools whose fans dislike each other and create a raucous environment?