Column: Good Riddance

By Ian Gold

Terrell Owens.

How many feelings are you flooded with by just hearing his name? It’s unclear how many people hate T.O., but a good, rough estimate would probably be – everyone.

Owens was suspended for Sunday night’s game at Washington for his conduct and comments made about his teammates and the Philadelphia Eagles organization. Yesterday, it was finalized. T.O. would not be allowed to return to the Eagles. It’s a pity that somebody as immensely talented as Owens would have the maturity of a sixth grader who ran out of Ritalin and then proceeded to wet himself.

Since Owens came into the league, he has been nothing but selfish. His ability to make organizations want to look the other way is staggering when you consider his stats.

Most likely you have run into an athlete like this before. If you have ever been part of a team, there is always the one kid who thinks and acts like he is better then everyone else. They know a coach will make excuses for them, and they know there isn’t much they couldn’t do to jeopardize their spot. You hate that kid.

T.O. is that kid, but in a 30-year-olds’ body. Terrell Owens is like watching the starry sky with an attitude. On a clear night, you can see so many stars and planets you get to thinking about how remarkable the universe is. But as soon as your brain formulates that thought, you find an interesting constellation that without question is giving you the finger; it starts to rain.

When Owens was with the 49ers, he became unhappy with his role on the team. He verbally attacked his quarterback through the media and would battle his coach when he didn’t get his way. Then after demanding a trade, he found himself in Baltimore. He didn’t like Baltimore and said he wouldn’t play for the Ravens. Ravens players tried their best to welcome T.O., but he turned his back, made more enemies and settled down in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, he verbally attacked his quarterback through the media, got into fights with teammates in the locker room, battled his coach and disassociated himself from an Eagles loss. There is only one constant; every word used to describe Owens’ career is singular. To Owens nothing exists beyond, me, myself and I.

It’s about time that an organization stepped up and acknowledged that no player is worth the soap opera that accompanies him. I hope T.O. enjoys his time off. As foolish a prediction as this could be, I hope that no team ever accepts him again. T.O. is not a cancer to the team, cancer takes a while. T.O. is an execution.

Obviously, some team is going to be tantalized by his talent. He knows that, and has thus been allowed to continue his antics. Andy Reid is a stand-up coach, Donovan McNabb is a rare person and the Eagles were the benchmark for consistency. If the T.O. experiment went horribly off course there, it’s not going to work anywhere.

Who knows how long T.O. will be out of the league? Too bad it’s on these terms. His stay out of the league could have been more crowd pleasing if only it had been set on by a Sean Taylor missile last night.

Ian Gold is a senior in Communications. He can be reached at [email protected]