15 questions with Jamar Smith

By Ian Gold

Freshman guard Jamar Smith is one of many joining a long line of players to hail from Peoria. Smith hopes to give the Illini another long-range threat and has been compared to current Houston Rockets guard Luther Head.

Q: What was your practice routine in high school to get your shooting to where it is now?

A: Me and my dad would go to the local gym in Peoria and I would shoot 300 shots before school and then after practice I would shoot another 300 shots. So me and my dad would shoot about 600 plus a day.

Q: What got you to come to Illinois?

A: I loved just being close to home, and I’ve already loved Illinois basketball because of Frankie Williams. He went to Manual and I was a big Manual fan, I knew McClain pretty good too.

Q:Rumor is you can throw down some nasty dunks.

A: It’s true. A lot of people think all I can do is shoot. I can jump on the low, but I am not going to bring all the goodies out yet.

Q: If you could meet three people from history who would they be?

A: Wilt Chamberlain, Pete Maravich and Jerry West

Q: Whats your favorite class you have?

A: Speech Comm. I don’t have a problem talking in front of people, and I’m not a shy person so it comes kind of easy to me.

Q: What is the place your most looking forward to playing this year?

A: North Carolina. I’m really looking forward to that because playing there is a lot different than playing at home, but the crowd wasn’t really big. And I know it’s going to be different at North Carolina.

Q: Best life lesson you’ve learned?

A: You can’t take anything for granted. Playing ball you could be playing one minute and then tear your ACL and be out of the game forever.

Q: What could U of I do to make the dorms better?

A: Make the beds bigger and more comfortable. A lot more comfortable.

Q: What is your hidden talent?

A: I can draw. I can draw real good.

Q: If you could have three foods any time you want, what would they be?

A: Double cheeseburger from McDonalds, macaroni with cheese and my grandmother’s dressing.

Q: Which of your teammates is most likely to be president?

A: Chester. He is a real tough guy, and he has a real strong personality.

Q: Teammate most likely to steal your girl?

A: Charles Jackson. He is slick, he is a little too slick for me.

Q: What cd’s do you have in your rotation now?

A: All I listen to is Little Wayne, The Carter.

Q: If you could star in any movie, what role could you play well?

A: Somebody being goofy, if they are goofy I can do it real good. “White Chicks,” I think.

Q: What is an off beat TV show you like?

A: Not really anything off beat. I like the “Simpsons” though.