Frosh punter answers all

By Courtney Linehan

On Tuesday, the Daily Illini literally caught up with Kyle Yelton as the freshman punter headed home from class. The Indiana native took a few minutes to talk about life as one of three freshmen starting on the gridiron.

Q: With the start of Big Ten play less than two weeks away, what conference game are you most looking forward to?

A: Indiana or Purdue, just because they’re my in-state schools. I’m from Indiana, so those are two schools I know a lot of people at.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve gotten from junior kicker Jason Reda and former Illinois punter Steve Weatherford?

A: Keep your head down and swing your leg. And just follow through.

Q: You came to campus in January after finishing high school early. What’s the best thing about having been around that extra semester?

A: I got over that initial shell shock of ‘Oh wow, I’m in college.’ Now it’s just routine.

Q: What’s the best class you’re taking this semester?

A: Stat 100 with Fireman. That class is just awesome. She makes that class fun, makes it fun to be there, makes you want to pay attention.

Q: You mentioned you saw something funny on the way back from class this morning?

A: (Freshman linebacker) Dustin Jefferson and I were walking back from class today, and we saw two dudes on bikes run into each other and one of them flipped over the handle bars. It was pretty impressive.

Q: Who’s messier, you or your roommate, running back Sam Porter?

A: Definitely me.

Q: What was the last good movie you saw?

A: Invincible. We saw it before the Eastern game. It was a really inspirational movie, just about how hard he worked, refusing to lose. It was really good.

Q: What’s your breakfast of champions?

A: Country fried steak, or biscuits and gravy. One of those two.

Q: Do the coaches know you eat that?

A: Nope.