ON-AIR: Illini Soccer faces last game, prepares for post season

By Jeannie Szkolka

For the Illini girls’ soccer team, the post season is just around the corner. With only one game left in the regular season, the team’s record stands at eleven wins to six losses. In conference play, the girls are second only to Penn State. Coach Janet Rayfield says they are taking it one game at a time.

“We are not in the post season yet, and part of it is we have to go and play Iowa, and we have to focus on that, and we have to continue to get better.”

The Illini are five and oh at home against ranked teams, but the girls are not looking back on how the season went. Rayfield says they are thinking only of the remaining games.

“I think we are just looking forward to getting there, and that will be a new segment, you know, we will play Iowa on Friday, and then say, ‘Ok, now let’s look at that; let’s see what the post season brings.”

The Illini play at Iowa this Friday. Then they start the Big Ten Tournament on November second.

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