Hall of Fame women’s basketball coach resigns after 12 seasons at Illinois

By Dave Fultz

Illinois women’s basketball coach Theresa Grentz stepped down Tuesday to pursue other career opportunities. Grentz recently finished her 12th season at Illinois (33rd overall) and was a Hall of Fame inductee in 2001.

Upon announcing her decision, she took the time to reflect on her time at Illinois and those who have helped her along the way.

“I thank the University of Illinois, the Big Ten Conference, the outstanding fans in our community, and the wonderful staff who have worked with me throughout the years,” Grentz said. “I especially want to thank each and every player who has played for me. Watching the players grow, succeed and move into the next phases of their lives has been the most meaningful part of my career. Each person touched my life in a special way and I’ll forever be indebted. They have given me far more than I will ever be able to give to them.”

While she didn’t specify what the coming months held for her, Grentz spoke of her future.

“I know there is still something out there for me,” Grentz said. “Whether it be as a collegiate or professional coach, a position in the academic world, working with women’s issues, or, possibly even politics. I feel I can make a difference in some professional way. Coaching has provided me a very broad-based horizon, insight, perception and a dynamic way of looking at things.”

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