Former football player McPhearson court date pushed back

By Sky Opila

Former Illinois football player Derrick McPhearson’s trial has been delayed after he fired his attorney Mark Lipton Thursday. McPhearson appeared in court Monday morning with new counsel.

Robert Kirchner, McPhearson’s new attorney, and Steve Ziegler from the State’s Attorney’s office will meet in court for a status hearing Thursday morning to figure out when the case will be pushed back to in order to allow Kirchner time to go over the evidence in the case, which includes two videos of the incident and several pages of police reports. Ziegler said in court that he had many of the victim’s of McPhearson’s alleged burglary ready to testify this week and needs time to contact them to ensure they will be available when the case does go to trial.

McPhearson currently faces four counts of residential burglary and two counts of theft over $300 stemming from an incident on Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day, March 2. He pled not guilty to those charges when he first appeared in court on March 5.

Jody Ellis, former football player who allegedly participated in the burglaries with McPhearson, is expected to accept a plea deal in early June that will send him to boot camp for four months.