BOWL BLOG: The OJ Simpson van is too big, free bagels and moose hunting

We have been busy with media events all day. I’ll try to give everyone the ‘inside scoop’ of what went down on our second day of Los Angeles adventure from the perspective of a football-illiterate photographer.

Six a.m. came early, but we stumbled to our white, 12-passenger van by 6:30. On schedule so far. With reporter Dan Johnson at the wheel we navigated down PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and on to the freeway, taking advantage of the carpool lane. Traffic wasn’t bad and we quickly found the Beverly Hilton.

This is where things got interesting. The clearance to enter the parking garage was going to be close and our van was a bit tall. We bravely scraped our way in and soon realized this was a mistake. The ramp to go up a level was obviously too small. Dan cautiously backed DOWN the ramp, which caused a bit of a backup in the garage. We went down a level and wedged ourself in elsewhere. The truck next to us had a body in it. I hope the person was just taking a nap.

We went inside and found the sweet media rooms. After receiving our credentials we checked out breakfast. My favorite was the passion fruit iced tea and bagels. The reporters headed to the Illinois press conference while us photographers stayed behind for a bit. to play Moose Hunter.

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