Illini Athletes Sound Off

By Ashley Wijangco

Editor’s note: Every Wednesday, The Daily Illini’s sports department asks Illinois student-athletes questions pertaining to life off the field.

What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Nicole Breece (soccer): “Going to Cardinals games and being able to go on the field.”

Dana Gattone (women’s golf): “My favorite childhood memory has to be celebrating Fourth of July every year at Medinah with my entire family and watching the fireworks show together.”

Denise Branch (Women’s cross country): “Attending MMLA each summer, a French immersion camp for a month where we weren’t allowed to speak English.”

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    Which meal of the day is your favorite and why?

    NB: “Breakfast. I love eggs, bacon and french toast.”

    DG: “Dinner is my favorite because I usually help my mom decide what to make then we cook together, often times some delicious family recipe.”

    DB: “Dinner, because that’s the meal I have the most time to fully enjoy and digest before my next practice.”

    If you could create a college class, what would it be about?

    NB: “Soccer. It would be an easy A.”

    DG: “It would be about golf course architecture and what all goes into creating and maintaining a course.”

    DB: “If I could create a college class it would be about understanding autism.”

    What’s your favorite color?

    NB: “Pink but still love Orange and Blue.”

    DG: “I would say my favorite color has to be pink because I think it kind of matches my personality.”

    DB: ““My favorite color is red.”

    Compiled by Ashley Wijangco