Map explainer: Visuals depict player, coach movements over offseason


Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

Google Maps shows different transfers for women’s basketball next season. Players can be seen on the map.

By Claire O'Brien, Sports Video Editor

Recently, we unveiled offseason maps, which track where departing players and coaches from the women’s and men’s basketball programs are moving and where incoming players and coaches are coming from. 

We used Google Maps to create the maps because it automatically updates when we make a change, and it was relatively easy to embed on our website. We made maps for both men’s and women’s basketball, and we put points on the map to indicate where people are coming from and going to. We included arrows to show if the person is going to or from Champaign. 

We’ve also put every type of move on its own layer. It helps us keep the map more organized, but you can look at specific moves within layers. If you click to make the map full screen, you can see the layers. You can turn the layers on and off if you want to see only specific types of moves.

As news breaks, we’ll continue to update the maps. In each map’s description is the date last updated, so you can see when the latest edits to the maps were made.

We’re working on maps for football as well. We have two maps: one for incoming freshmen and one for transfers and seniors. The map got cluttered when we tried to combine both, so we broke it down into two maps. We’ll be adding them to our website soon.

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We’ll continue to improve these maps over the summer, but reader feedback is always welcome. Feel free to contact us via direct message on Twitter @di_sports or email us at [email protected].




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