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Congress lends a paw to veterans

By Hayley Nagelberg, Columnist

August 9, 2016

Dog is man’s best friend. This has been common knowledge for years, but it’s taken on new meaning recently. Being man’s best friend no longer just means standing loyally nearby. Lawmakers are now recognizing these best friends because of their therapeutic benefits for individuals with special needs,...

Board of Trustees discuss changes for University

By Atoosa Sayeh

July 10, 2015

Chair Edward McMillan called the University’s Board of Trustees to two meetings Thursday to discuss various topics pertaining to the University.Both meetings took place in Chicago with video conferences held on campuses in Urbana, Rockford and Springfield. The video conference in Urbana was held in the National ...

Cultures are not costumes

By The Daily Illini Editorial Board

April 14, 2015

Music festivals are a celebrated tradition of American young adulthood. Since Woodstock in 1969, they have become an escape to enjoy music and bond with people of similar interests. Coachella, one such festival on the West Coast, started this past weekend and will continue this upcoming weekend. Per...