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The art exhibition All in the Family was held at the Springer Cultural Center located at 301 N. Randolph St. on Oct. 16, 2017. The exhibition, features the art pieces were created by The Widholm Family. Three Generations of Artists will  be open to the public until December.

Springer Cultural Center hosts “All in the Family” art exhibit

By Sabrina Lee, Contributing writer October 25, 2017

Art exhibits provide ways for artists to present their art, or their voice, to the world. The way that art is presented speaks volumes for the Widholm family, conveying a very clear message: Family. The...

Distracted eating could have negative impacts on students, families

By Lilly Mashayek December 9, 2015

A year-long study done on family eating habits found that it’s not always the quantity of meals spent together that is important, but the quality of them as well.Blake Jones, assistant professor of Human...

IL veterans programs continue, despite budget strains

By Stephen Nye October 14, 2015

Several institutions are working in Champaign-Urbana to help returning soldiers; one of the largest is the Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs, which directly employs about 1,350 individuals in...

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