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Illinois still undecided on college exam

Illinois still undecided on college exam

By Ali Braboy

January 24, 2016

A state contract with the College Board — who supplies the SAT — or the ACT won’t affect University applicants or the admissions process.EJRobin Kaler, campus spokeswoman, said the University accepts both the ACT and SAT for students interested in applying to the University.Kaler ...

Illinois Board of Education: State college readiness is low

By Aaron Navarro

November 12, 2015

Forty-six. That’s the percentage of Illinois public school students that scored a 21 or higher on their ACT, and is the percentage of students that the Illinois State Board of Education defined as “college-prepared,” according to its annual report card.The composite ACT score is only a starting...

Connect with your professor to enhance your college experience

By Earn Saenmuk

July 26, 2014

College life can be nerve wracking at times. Meeting new people, living away from home, time management — all these tasks can be challenging. One of the important adjustments a freshman has to go through is learning how classes are structured. Going from a class of around 20 to 30 students to a lecture of 3...