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National Influenza Vaccination Week: Time to dispell myths

By Raymond Sobczak

December 9, 2013

Alicia Walsh, an exchange student from Swansea University in Wales, refuses to get the flu vaccine. “I got the flu shot once when I was younger, and it made me sick,” Walsh said. “I remember not feeling right a few hours after I had gotten the shot ... My mom had to call me out of school.” When...

Eastern conference worse than usual in NBA this season

By Spencer Brown

December 3, 2013

A funny thing happened Monday morning. We are almost a quarter way through the NBA season and getting ready for the Christmas Day games. What’s so comical about that? Well, at 1:59 a.m. Monday, I discovered there is a grand total of two teams above .500 in the Eastern Conference. I repeat, two.  Ta...