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Police begin issuing "stop receipts" following searches

January 20, 2016

Law enforcement agencies are now required to issue “stop receipts”, also known as stop cards, as part of new statewide legislation called the Police and Community Relations Improvement Act, which took...

Champaign County encourages more women to join law enforcement

Portrait of police office Kristen Garcia by Flower Yang.
October 13, 2015

University of Illinois police officer Kristen Garcia has always had a desire to help others.“I’ve also always been a problem solver and a peacemaker,” she said. “Those things all go hand in hand...

Carle and Champaign County Sheriff's Office partnership works to prevent drug overdoses

Narcan, also known as Naloxone Hydrochloride, is a drug that can prevent the effects of an opioid or opiate overdose. Now, the drug is in the hands of first responders and local sheriffs to prevent drug overdoses through a partnership between Carle Foundation Hospital and the Champaign County Sheriff's Office.
July 19, 2015

Carle Foundation Hospital and the Champaign County Sheriff's Office are taking steps to handle the misuse of both legal and illegal drugs. About 40 county officials will be equipped with the...

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