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“Pocket Points” comes to UIUC

“Pocket Points” comes to UIUC

By Samantha Jones Toal

September 28, 2015

Students who are tempted to reach for their cell phones during class may have a new reason to focus after downloading Pocket Points.Pocket Points is a new app, available for iPhone and Android users, that recently made its way to the University. The app is designed to discourage students from using th...

Champaign County judge sets court date for Salaita’s suit to obtain UI documents

By Daily Illini Staff Report

April 13, 2015

Champaign County Judge Thomas Difanis ruled he will hear testimonies on June 12 regarding a lawsuit between the University and Steven Salaita on the Freedom of Information Act, campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler confirmed. Salaita filed suit against the University on Nov. 17, claiming the University failed to comply wit...