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Facebook Lite app gives access to users in developing countries

Facebook Lite app gives access to users in developing countries

February 4, 2015

Some users of the Facebook mobile app know the frustration of inconsistent Internet connections and running out of storage. But for users in developing countries, accessing the app can be nearly impossible. However,...

An open tap at a local house in Adu Achi, where the water system implemented by the University's EWB branch is running.

Engineers Without Borders successfully provides clean water in remote Adu Achi

October 28, 2014

In many places around the world, poor sanitation is not an easy problem to fix. But the issue kills far more people each year than warfare, according to the World Health Organization.  In places like...

Photos courtesy of Streets of Chambana Dameun Kim, 2013 alumna in FAA

Streetstyle Snapshots

By Stephanie Kim January 29, 2014

For anyone in doubt of the University hosting a “stylish campus,” Streets of Chambana might cause some double takes for its documentation of the local fashion scene. Created and maintained by 2013...

Precious liquid

By Jesse Black December 4, 2013

Every day, citizens of Champaign County access cold, clean, fresh water with the quick twist of a knob, perhaps not giving a second thought to its source. It pours seemingly out of nowhere into kitchens...

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