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Despite changes, ARC scuba clinic floats on

Brad Knop, scuba instructor at the ARC and the Midwest SCUBA Center in Champaign, is gearing up to lead the three two-week sessions for scuba diving offered this spring.

By Susan Szuch

February 9, 2015

 As a three-year-old boy watching the TV series, “Sea Hunt,” Brad Knop became fascinated with breathing underwater. “It was on every week, and Lloyd Bridges was the diver in it, he was whom the plot was about,” Knop said. “I knew I wanted to be a diver, and he was my inspiration. ... That’...

Program honors historic, unique trees in Urbana

Light peeks behind the first living Legacy Tree, a bur oak, is located at 301 Griggs St. in Urbana. Students now have an extra hour to sleep because of daylight saving time.

February 9, 2015

As impassioned Bostonians cast their tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773, over 1,000 miles to the west, a tiny sapling was beginning to grow in Urbana. This tree, a bur oak at the corner of Main and Maple streets in Urbana, is one of the oldest trees in the city — though it is not alone.  Urbana is hom...