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Real-life meme ‘Scumbag Steve’ to come to Champaign on Friday

Real-life meme 'Scumbag Steve' to come to Champaign on Friday

April 3, 2014

One of the most iconic memes on the Internet will be coming to Champaign on Friday. His name is Blake Boston, but he is more popularly known as Scumbag Steve — the popular meme featuring a “scumbag” standing in a doorway wearing a backwards, checkered Boston Red Sox hat and a fur coat.  Too White...

After impact

March 5, 2014

Water is not the only tool some firefighters across the country are using to battle fires. Consider this example: Firefighters who arrive on a scene have traditionally put out flames with water, which, after it splatters against trees and bushes, flows down and away from the fire. Until recently, water w...