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Old Glory raised again over Armory

On Tuesday morning, Old Glory was raised on the south side of the Armory. The flag hadn't flown for forty years after being dismissed in the 1970s for unknown reasons.

By Atoosa Sayeh

May 31, 2015

Military service members in the community raised the flag “Old Glory” above Armory’s south side entrance on Tuesday after 40 years of its absence.As the rain started to pour, viewers watched as Old Glory was raised and then went inside the Armory to discuss the historical event.“Today, we made...

South Side Elementary in Champaign celebrates 90th anniversary

Hagen Barker, 13, a former South Side Elementary School student, makes bubbles at the 90th anniversary celebration.

By Christopher Reinhart

May 17, 2015

Champaign’s South Side Elementary School celebrated its 90th anniversary on Saturday.Former students explored the school while current students participated in various activities on the playground.“It’s good to see people come back who used to go to school here,” Assistant Principal Julie Bli...