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Grad school applications: Pick your palette

Grad school applications: Pick your palette

January 11, 2015

The process of applying to grad schools, for me, has been something like painting the walls of a house. You go to a hardware store and stand in front of the endless wall of paint palettes. Then you start asking yourself questions: Which one goes best with my room? What color do I truly enjoy? You know ...

Engineers Without Borders successfully provides clean water in remote Adu Achi

An open tap at a local house in Adu Achi, where the water system implemented by the University's EWB branch is running.

October 28, 2014

In many places around the world, poor sanitation is not an easy problem to fix. But the issue kills far more people each year than warfare, according to the World Health Organization.  In places like Nigeria, for example, approximately half of its population of 170,000 million people suffer from defici...