Jakobsson takes 103rd state seat

By Kristen Sackley and Drake Baer

Naomi Jakobsson, D-103, won the race for state representative on Tuesday night.

When speaking about election night to The Daily Illini, Jakobsson said, “It’s been pretty good. I was campaigning up until two minutes to 7. As soon as (the polls closed I started thinking ‘alright now the returns ought to come in’ so I tried to be patient.”

Jakobsson spent a majority of the night with fellow Democrats.

“It’s very exciting to be with supporters, people who are on my side,” she said.

The College Democrats claimed that their help was significant for Jakobsson’s victory as they managed to register over 5,000 voters.

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    “I think College Democrats is an essential force to the campaign,” said Katie Dawson, the secretary of College Democrats. “We are extremely persistent in our registering of voters; we also provide a resource for volunteers and helpers.”

    Jakobsson said she plans to continue to work on goals for the University and the state as a whole.

    “This past year I was able to help the University get $12 million dollars – that’s not enough and we need to (increase) that,” she said. “I want to continue to make affordable accessible health care something the people of the state of Illinois can have and enjoy.”

    Republican candidate Rex Bradfield could not be reached for comment.

    Tom Abram, the Green party candidate, said he was pleased with the results of the election. He got about 11 percent as of press time.

    “We built a foundation for future candidates,” Abram said. “We established a district, even though Rich Whitney’s established the entire state. This is an excellent year for the Green party and it’s only going to get stronger.”

    As of press time 44 of 65 precincts were reporting Jakobsson with 58.68 percent of the votes followed by Bradfield with 30.35 percent.

    Daily Illini Staff Writer Madeline Keleher contributed to this report.