Advance notice crucial to rescheduling projects, finals

By Brian Mellen

Part of my Thanksgiving break was stolen from me and I’m pretty sure I know who the culprit was. I came down with a cold. Luckily, it didn’t take away from my break completely. I felt good enough on Thanksgiving to enjoy the turkey, stuffing and mash potatoes … good stuff.

Pumpkin pie and cranberry aside, illnesses seem to come at us at the worst moments and many times they hit us hard. One of the nastiest times to get sick is finals week.

A student might not get sick the entire semester only to get the Bubonic Plague at the last minute, like my roommate who came down with mono at the end of spring semester this year. Or maybe a student might be diagnosed with depression caused by school stress and loneliness from being away from home. So the doc orders the person to take a break.

Whatever the case, the Office of the Dean of Students would like those who have serious conflicts with their finals not to worry as there are options. Assistant Dean of Students Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span had some recommendations for what students should do if they are sick or have some other serious conflict.

Abdullah-Span said a student with a conflict should contact their instructors immediately. Documentation of the illnesses should be provided to the Emergency Dean’s office by McKinley or where the diagnosis is coming from so that instructors can call the Emergency Dean and verify what the information. Once the instructor has confirmation the instructor will then offer an opportunity for the student to reschedule the exam.

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    In the event of a long-term situation, like depression or hospitalization, Abdullah-Span said the Emergency Dean will contact the student’s college and try to arrange an incomplete for the class. She said arranging an incomplete depends on the student’s situation and college.