Will work for food

The Evans Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization based in learning and fellowship. To give back to the community, many of us work in the kitchens of Greek houses or residences. The past semester I worked at Tri-Delta with other scholars in exchange for meals. This is a great asset to any college student, as eating out is expensive.

Last week, Hendrick House announced that there is to be an increase to a minimum five hours worked. The bottom line for my fellow scholars and me: fewer positions and more hours for the same compensation. Tri-Delta’s chef met with the staff last Monday to explain the situation. We were to reduce ranks to six people. Thus we have taken leave of work. I anticipate that this will prompt Hendrick House to reconsider their new policy.

Hendrick House’s decision is made in the best interest of their bottom line. However, it overlooks the efficiency of their kitchens. At Tri-Delta, without the student workers, two full time workers would have to attend to food preparation and cleaning the kitchen. Hendrick House intends to hire people instead, but this seems a rash decision. At $7 an hour, this is upwards of $105 per week per worker. This amount is higher than the cost of feeding several mouths with food that is purchased in bulk. Besides, preparing meals for large groups is hit or miss. Not all prepared food gets eaten.

I hope that progress is made in this situation towards the reconsideration of Hendrick House’s new policy to reduce the number of Evans Scholars working in their kitchens. I believe that the Evans Scholars are a great asset to all of the kitchens at which they work, from Armory House to Delta Gamma.

Josh Fisher

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