Don’t smoke ’em

By Dan Shah

While most Jake Vial’s arguments are valid, I have to strongly disagree with his points regarding if patrons eat fast food and destroy their livers then an hour of smoke is ‘the least of their worries.’ First of all, I love greasing up myself with trans-fat and destroying my liver. Those are probably two of my top hobbies.

I know the detrimental side effects in the long run, but the difference is that I choose to eat fast food and drink the night away. Individuals that smoke in a closed environment do damage to patrons that choose not to smoke in more ways than one.

When I go into a bar and find it difficult to breathe, have my clothes smell terrible and potentially damage my lungs down the road all because someone cannot walk 15 feet outside to enjoy a death-stick, it is a little frustrating.

I choose to eat my McRib and down a 40 of Steel Reserve because I enjoy those things but why should I suffer for someone else’s enjoyment and laziness? Lastly, who made Jake a health official who decides that a little trans-fat and fermented yeast has the same health deterioration as soaking your lungs in a thick smog for four or five hours.

Kudos to Champaign for making the right decision. It is not part of our rights to hurt others for our gain.

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Dan Shah

junior in Engineering