Global warming’s poster child makes good

By Kevin Schoening

Al Gore is now nominated for a Nobel Prize for “his wide-reaching efforts to draw the world’s attention to the dangers of Global Warming.” I don’t worry about global warming because Al Gore and Barbra Streisand have all that under control. Right!?

OK … let me take you to school for a minute here.

People think they are helping the environment when they are simply confusing activity with accomplishment.

In Urbana where I work, they have recycling pickup and there are certain rules to prepare the recycled materials. One rule is that all containers need to be washed out.

This is idiocy in action. Why would you flush two to three gallons of good quality drinking water down the drain along with detergent to prepare a mayonnaise jar for recycling?

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    What are we saving here? Sand! That is where glass comes from. It takes just as much energy to melt down that crushed up mayo jar as it does to make new glass from sand.

    The only thing these clueless liberals have accomplished is saving the glass manufacturers a few dollars on their bottom line from not buying as much base glass beads for formulation.

    Let’s look at China for a minute.

    Hundreds of millions of poor Chinese use a dozen pizza size charcoal bricks to heat their tiny shacks to stay warm each day.

    I’m sure this has more than a little impact on CO2 in the atmosphere and global warming.

    Use your eyes ears and common sense not adherence to politically correct nonsense that results in NO impact on the environment.

    I drive a Toyota echo. It gets 40 miles to the gallon. I didn’t buy the hybrid Prius, only because there were none available on the lot.

    We are a one car family and we make do! I turn my thermostat down when I am going to be gone all day. My house is properly insulated.

    I don’t use chemical pesticides in my home because those cans will end up in the landfill and really poison the water table.

    If you have bugs from time to time do what I do, use cayenne pepper. It works great.

    I don’t buy more paint than I need for a project and what little I have left over I keep so that doesn’t end up in the landfill either.

    When a feasible and affordable solar supplement becomes available to add to my home electrical system to save energy and more importantly save me money, I will buy it!

    Al Gore tools around in a caravan of bullet proof, double weight, secret service GMC SUVS and private jets.

    He lives in a house ten times the size of mine but I’ll bet he washes out his mayo jars and puts them on the curb each week.

    It’s a good thing he did a documentary because there really was very little talk about global warming before that. So who deserves the Nobel Prize? Al Gore or me?

    Kevin Schoening

    University of Illinois

    Alumni Association