Response to labor organizer

By Mike Bohac

I would first like to agree with the executive Vice President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Eliseo Medina (“Labor union advocate criticizes U.S. immigration policy” Feb. 1), that the current immigration policies are a ‘broken and deeply flawed immigration system.’

Also, he says that ‘Everyone should have an opportunity to aspire for the American dream’, which is also in accordance with my firm conviction as an American citizen.

He continues by complaining and bashing President Bush’s plan for adding more funds and then concludes erroneously that a solution to this problem would be to have the illegal immigrants pay a fine for breaking the law.

This obviously illustrates the illogical mentality in our society today.

The main message that many people today fail to discern is that these people are entering this country illegally. They work without paying income taxes.

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    The quantity of sales tax received by the government is clearly not as great in comparison to income tax generated especially when most illegal immigrants ship their money out of the country, thus corrupting the American economy.

    As an American citizen today, guess what happens when I don’t pay my taxes. Some men in black suits knock on my door, throw me in the back of a police car, and I go to jail.

    In my opinion, these people should be sentenced to jail, too, or better yet be shipped back to their country until they make the educated decision to step up in line along with everyone else who make the grueling and painful effort to enter this country legally. Luckily for most of us, our parents, grandparents or great grandparents entered this country legally; many of them almost died trying.

    The opportunities America had to offer was worth the life of themselves. Look around you and observe all the comforts you have in your life; we are so lucky to be in America.

    Colleagues, lets wake up, get the facts, think with the brain that exists between your own two ears, and spread some intelligent news.

    Mike Bohac

    senior in Mechanical Engineering