Don’t have a plow, man

By Mia Ives-Rublee

As you frolic in the snow, I want you to take notice at the conditions of the sidewalks and streets. Large mounds of snow are shoved to the sides and onto the curb cuts. Inside a few of those mounds you may even notice a student in a wheelchair. Some find that they would rather brave the streets than to try the sidewalks.

While a few people may think that this is a good alternative, I would rather not dodge a vehicle that is slipping in the snow. I feel that it is my job to note that I have missed classes because this institution finds that it is too hard to clear the pathways. I know several other students in wheelchairs who have also missed classes. UI touts that it is the leading wheelchair accessible institution in the nation. After all, it has two varsity wheelchair basketball teams, a varsity wheelchair track and road racing team, and one completely accessible residence hall. Yet it cannot seem to find the time to clear a sidewalk so students can have the elementary right to actually attend their classes. I have made these comments before to several high ranking University officials. But now it seems that I have to make this public service announcement in the student paper. Maybe somebody will take notice. PLEASE CLEAR THE SNOW FROM THE SIDEWALKS!

Mia Ives-Rublee

Senior in LAS