Peaceful resistance

By Karen Medina

The University is retiring the Chief because of political sanctions applied from outside the University. An invading army with guns did not accomplish this. Military raids, air attacks, torture, and extraordinary rendition did not accomplish this. Multi-pronged peaceful pressure did accomplish this. While the University is saving face with Chief-supporters by saying that the sanctions on the men’s sporting events were the sole influence on their decision, pressure from within the University led to the external attention.

While not a perfect solution to the underlying problem, retiring the Chief is a good step. The underlying problem will take a long time to solve, but racism is a problem that takes a long time to solve. Changing what people can do outwardly will eventually change what the mind and heart sees as acceptable. Violence moves hearts and minds in the wrong direction. Small steps are the only way to change the direction of a huge institution. Small steps are the only way to change a world.

Karen Medina

graduate student