Chief will start trend in losing mascots

By Joe Weeks

Hey folks; this is my two cents on a subject that has long been discussed and those that it means the most to have no voice in the outcome. As a 1974 graduate of the U of I, I have listened to this for all of the 33 years and more since I graduated. Next to fall will be those universities that have animal mascots, yes PETA will get rid of the Golden Gopher, the Wildcat, the Badger, the Wolverine and more. Texas will not have the Long Horn, Washington State will be charged with cruelty to animals, and the Cougar will be set free, and this will go on and on. The Buckeye will be eliminated by those that love the horse chestnut tree and don’t like it being just a mascot symbol. So here is my idea on the thing- not a good one at all.

Good luck folks,

Joe Weeks

Class of 1974

Ellensburg, Washington

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