Liberal journalism

By Katie Vanek

I have always felt that your newspaper’s take on certain subjects were not exactly unbiased, and your editorial cartoon from Friday the 23rd not only infuriated me, it confirmed my beliefs. How dare you compare a white man in black-face, an obvious mockery of the African-American race, to our Chief? The Chief is meant to honor the tradition of the Native Americans. He does not mock them in any way, shape or form, as is suggested by that disgrace of an opinion cartoon.

I believe the Daily Illini staff needs to take a step back and look around at the campus they are representing. We are not all extreme left-wing, political correctness-obsessed like the majority of you are. Your newspaper seems to attach itself to the most ridiculously liberal ideals it can find, and then not take notice if another, possibly more correct, idea exists. Your biased close-mindedness stems from an ignorance you have developed from not understanding your community. I know your new building must be nice and cozy in these winter months, but I would suggest leaving its comfort for a bit and taking a trip to the rest of the campus. Maybe you’ll learn that what I have said is true; maybe you will finally understand that the Daily Illini has turned into a biased, and therefore poor excuse for, a newspaper. Do the journalism community a favor and change your ways for the better. Make me, and the many like me, change my mind about you.

Kate Vanek

sophomore in communications