Sick hypocrisy

By Wayne J. Messenger

Now, I’m not one to unnecessarily raise a complaint about the actions of others, but in this case I must. It makes me sick that a student body so divided against racism with regards to Chief Illiniwek can come together two weeks after his retirement to misrepresent another culture with utter disregard. That culture I speak of is the Irish.

The student body that celebrates Unofficial makes me sick, especially the hypocrites who despise the Chief on grounds of “racial stereotyping and misrepresentation.” What is the difference? Not all Irish people are drunkards. We don’t dress like Leprechauns. The mockery of Irish culture that is Unofficial is disgusting. People hate stereotypes, so why celebrate one? If the thousands of drunks get to wear shirts that say “Drink until you’re Irish,” can I wear one that says “Drink until you’re Frat”?

The majority of the University that makes up the Greek system would hate me. If one stereotype is wrong, they all are. If the student body allows one, they should allow them all. It just serves to show me the true colors of the student body.

What I see is a group of self-serving, ridiculous hypocrites. “Save Unofficial” really means “Save an excuse to get wasted at 8 a.m. so for one day we can pretend we’re Irish, even though the Irish are nothing like what we are portraying.”

Take a look in the mirror University of Illinois, and see how silly you are. Make up your minds on what stance to take, because right now, you’re flopping like John Kerry.

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    Wayne J. Messenger

    junior in LAS