Respect University and culture

By Nathaniel Mohler

I applaud Chancellor Herman in his enactment of stricter policies towards disruptive students. As a graduate of this University I feel that Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day is degrading to the perceived quality of the diplomas this fine institution issues. The student code states, “It is expected that students enrolled in the University will conduct themselves at all times in accordance with accepted principles of responsible citizenship and with due regard for the rights of others.” The whole concept of Unofficial goes against this responsibility.

I would like to take it one step further. Recently, outrage over an event using a culture’s stereotypes was widely admonished as being entirely out of line. I put forward that this event is no different, excepting that it is held on a much grander scale. The basis for Unofficial is St. Patrick’s Day. This is a cultural holiday for the Irish as well as a religious day of observance for the Catholic Church. Using this as a premise to participate in gluttonous consumption of alcohol and disruptive behavior is abominable. Real celebrations of St Patrick’s Day involve not only food and drink, but music, parades, children’s activities as well as religious observances.

Those who participate in Unofficial are no better than those who participated in the Tacos and Tequila event. It is time for those who want to foster cultural understanding, which as responsible citizens should be every student at the University, to get serious about this bastardization of a holiday.

Nathaniel Mohler

University Alumnus ’01

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