Shocked and appalled

By Justin Randall

I was shocked and appalled to read yesterday’s edition of the Daily Illini during which columnist Jon Monteith proclaims that Katie Dunne has both been endorsed by the myself, the president of the College Republicans, and that she represents a broad political constituency on campus. Neither of these statements are true. Neither the College Republicans nor myself have ever publicly endorsed Katie Dunne. In fact, quite the opposite is true, we have as an organization endorsed Paul Schmitt for Student Trustee. Paul Schmitt has previously and will continue to use his personal contacts in the General Assembly to lobby on behalf of the University once elected to trustee.

I also find this article extremely disheartening as an endorsement was proclaimed as being true without Jon Monteith ever contacting me to verify the truth of this statement. In fact, Monteith, as an integral member of the Katie Dunne campaign knew that College Republicans did not support Katie in this race and yet still published this article. This fact comes just over 24 hours after members of the Katie Dunne campaign attempted to write a Letter to the Editor from myself stating a similar point of view. I strongly protested to the use of my name being placed on this letter and it was later scrapped. Needless to say, I was extremely surprised to wake up and find virtually the same piece in column form in the Opinions Section.

I urge members of the campus community to vote in tomorrow’s election and support Paul Schmitt for Student Trustee!

Justin Randall

junior in LAS

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    President of College Republicans