Sex Out Loud commentary flawed

By Jennifer Cunha

In Monday’s Daily Illini, notorious conservative and Unit 4 school board candidate John Bambenek wrote an article that was grossly reliant on outdated gender stereotypes about the dangers of the “sexual revolution” as embodied on campus in Wednesday’s Sex Out Loud fair.

Bambenek’s description of sex in its “natural form” as a vulnerable and romantic act is not wrong, but its implications are.

Through his definition of “natural” sex, Bambenek is perpetuating the fairy tale that once you meet the right person all is well and easy and safe.

The fact of the matter is, relationships, even the best ones, are hard work: feelings wane, fights happen, and people sometimes make mistakes.

Although Bambenek briefly touches on adultery, he discusses it in terms of an emotional consequence, but, especially if you were having “natural” sex, there are potential physical consequences as well.

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    Unless a couple is trying to procreate, the use of condoms as a means of not only pregnancy prevention, but protection from life-altering STDs is strongly recommended by most medical associations.

    Also false is the contention that the degree of a person’s “sexual freedom” is in any way tied to their emotional growth.

    The “sexual empowerment of women” through the advent of contraceptives was not intended to destroy the romantic relationship.

    A promiscuous person is as capable of loving (emotionally and spiritually) as a chaste one.

    Furthermore, no one has the right to force their views of how a relationship “should be” upon your access to information. Sex Out Loud acknowledges that there are many types of sexuality, including chastity.

    Information will be available on each of these choices. Sex Out Loud IS a sexual health fair; what it is NOT is an attempt to control the behaviors of others.

    Jennifer Cunha

    sophomore in LAS